Political blogger and activist Katie Webb devised the math. I’m not entirely certain how are figures check out, but we’ll just use her as the source and not attempt to divine from what sources she retrieved her information.

Why not just list her statistics?

Here they are:

  • 60% are suicides
  • 3% are accidental
  • 4% are justified
  • 33% are homicides
  • 80% of homicides are gang related

We can demonstrate likely causes of death using another chart:

Cause of Death Odds of Dying
Heart Disease and Cancer 1 in 7
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 1 in 28
Intentional Self-harm 1 in 95
Unintentional Poisoning by and Exposure to Noxious Substances 1 in 96
Motor Vehicle Crash 1 in 114
Fall 1 in 127
Assault by Firearm 1 in 370
Car Occupant 1 in 645
Pedestrian Incident 1 in 647
Motorcycle Rider Incident 1 in 985
Unintentional Drowning and Submersion 1 in 1,188
Exposure to Fire, Flames or Smoke 1 in 1,498
Choking from Inhalation and Ingestion of Food 1 in 3,461
Pedacyclist Incident 1 in 4,486
Firearms Discharge 1 in 6,905
Air and Space Transport Incidents 1 in 9,821
Exposure to Electric Current, Radiation, Temperature and Pressure 1 in 15,212
Exposure to Excessive Natural Heat 1 in 16,584
Contact with Sharp Objects 1 in 38,174
Contact with Heat and Hot Substances 1 in 56,992
Contact with Hornets, Wasps and Bees 1 in 63,225
Cataclysmic Storm 1 in 66,335
Being Bitten or Struck by a Dog 1 in 112,400
Legal Execution 1 in 119,012
Lightning Strike 1 in 161,856

Source: National Safety Council estimates based on data from National Center for Health Statistics–Mortality Data, as compiled from data provided by the 57 vital statistics jurisdictions through the Vital Statistics Cooperative Program. Deaths are classified on the basis of the World Health Organization’s The International Classification of Diseases (ICD). For additional mortality figures, and estimated one-year and lifetime odds, see Injury Facts® 2017 Edition, pages 40-43.

FiveThirtyEight Politics put a lot of work into calculating gun deaths in a futile attempt to find a magic bullet solution to lower the odds of becoming such a statistic.  I can’t blame them for the motivation.

The inspiration for this post:

Super excited to go out and get people registered to vote today! #MAGA #MakeTucsonGreatAgain

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