Chris Byrne the AnarchAngel discusses why you should keep your pistol in Condition One whenever you are carrying.

Like most people who do, I carry it “condition one”; which means I carry the gun with a round in the chamber, the hammer cocked, and the safety on.

A frequent question those of us who carry in that way is something along the lines of “Why are you carrying it with the hammer cocked, isn’t that dangerous or ready to go off or something?”.

It’s a common mistake. Many people unfamiliar with guns assume that carrying a cocked weapon with a safety on is unsafe; mostly because in Hollywood, when someone is about to shoot some other person they almost always visibly cock the hammer (or rack the slide).

It is assumed by people who don’t know any better (even some gun owners) that carrying with the hammer down is normal, and safe, however for almost all guns where condition one carry is possible, condition one is in fact the safest way to carry that weapon with a chambered round.

“Condition two”, where there is a round in the chamber, but the hammer is down; is in fact the most dangerous way to carry a 1911 type pistol (even more dangerous than having the hammer cocked, but leaving the thumb safety off – sometimes called condition 0).

The only safer way to carry a 1911 (than condition one), is “condition three”, with no round in the chamber; which to my mind requires too much time, and too many motions in order to bring the weapon into action for it to be used effectively in self defense.