Today is the Primary Election Day for the state of Michigan, across the entire state.  That means that in the evening various campaigns are celebrating victory parties and other campaigns are “celebrating” “victory” parties… as a coping mechanism.  Either way this tiresome phase of the electoral process in my great glorious state is almost over and we deserve some time to ponder that before we move on to the general election stage of the 2018 election cycle.

I shamelessly cribbed part of my list from the Eaton County GOP e-mail, because membership has its privileges….

All major candidates in all major races were contacted, with a very generous definition of major candidate.  If your candidates are not listed, either they are not having a party, for which you should think less of them, or they did not respond.  A lack of response is also a failure.  All parties are for tonight, August 7th.  I will start with the parties local to Eaton County and move outwards.

CHRISTINE BARNES (for State Representative) and TIM BARNES (for County Commissioner)
8 p.m. at the Log Jam, 110 W Jefferson St, Grand Ledge.  This party is hosted by Senator Rick Jones.
CHRIS STEWART (for State Representative)
7:30 p.m. at Preston’s Bar, 201 N Bridge St, Grand Ledge.  With campaign manager, Val Vail Shirey.
TOM BARRETT (for State Senator)
8 p.m. at Bridge & Main, 219 N Bridge St, Grand Ledge.  With the Barrett Brigade.
PATRICK COLBECK (for Governor)
7 p.m. in the Field House at Capitol City Baptist Church, 5100 Willoughby Rd, Holt.  With the Parted Waters Band.
BILL SCHUETTE (for Governor)
7 p.m. with Program at 9 p.m at Dow Diamond, 825 E Main St, Midland.
JOHN JAMES (for U.S. Senate)
See this LINK.  This is at Renaissance Global Logistics in Detroit.
MIKE KOWALL (for United States Representative, Congressional District 11) and EILEEN KOWALL (for County Commissioner)
7:30 p.m. at Billy’s Tip and Inn, 6707 Highland Rd, White Lake