One of the great traditions of a successful Republican, or really any political party’s regular convention, are the receptions, parties hosted by and/or for candidates to give a last minute positive impression on convention delegates and Movement Regulars in order to curry enough favor to win at convention and be the nominee of the November General Election. Either that or to celebrate that enough favor has been curried. If you lacked the resources and chose not to put in the effort to win then it’s unlikely you have enough resources to get an adequate event, complete with location and food. This year the host city for the GOP Convention is Lansing, the City of Arndt, where Arndt on occasion enjoys fun and play and if need be, work. If one needs a place to stay around but not in the City of Arndt then I’ll put you up, space permitting, if I like you well enough… and trust you enough. So that rules out most of you. A couple things: usually the Congressional Districts have caucuses the night before where District business is settled and candidates do Round Robin speeches. Thank Goldwater we’re not having those this year. Secondly, the reason that cities like Novi and Lansing and Grand Rapids even have convention centers is so people will have conventions in their respective cities, and between events people will enjoy the various bars and restaurants in the surrounding area. If you don’t patronize the local pubs, eateries, and whatnot of your host city before and after then you’re being rude.

From 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Troppo’s, which is on the NE corner of Michigan Avenue and Washington, just west of the Radisson, is Mary Treder Lang’s Party. She is the major candidate for Secretary of State and she has put an amazing amount of effort into her race. There will be “light food and drinks provided” which sounds entirely appropriate and appropriately generous given the occasion. The event is 2 hours long.Don’t forget to tip the barmaids and bartenders and if you want anything not being provided feel free to buy from this high end and fairly awesome Lansing business.

Starting at 7 PM and going to 10 PM Tom Leonard, our Speaker of the State House of Representatives and candidate for Attorney General, is hosting a soiree at the Lansing Brewing Company. LBC is a fine enough microbrewery with onsite parking location just north of the minor league baseball stadium and within walking distance of Troppo’s and the Radisson. They have more beer than spirits in their selection and the catered food is a bit more my speed than what’s on their menu. This should be fun and I expect cornholing.

The Nuthouse is right across the road from our minor league ballpark and starting at 8 PM is Senate President Pro Tempore Tonya Shuitmaker’s welcome reception as she runs against Speaker Leonard for the AG seat. I used to be a regular at the Nuthouse, no longer because my favorite people stopped working there and they switched to paper straws but the bar is extremely well-stocked and the grub is good. The event runs until midnight. Food and drinks are provided from start to finish.

Joseph Guzman is the other candidate running for Secretary of State. He is hosting no party, providing no food or revelry and isn’t renting a space to show off one of downtown Lansing’s many wonderful taverns or pubs. There will be a Prayer Service and Fellowship running from 9 to 11 PM, in the Radisson. You could attend the events for both candidates for Secretary of State without missing any of either, but there is overlap with the AG canddiates’ party and reception, so you’re free to choose.

Michael Farage is planning a Trump Rally at 10 PM somewhere in Lansing but thus far there no location determined and it sounds like a way of avoiding all the fun that is at downtown…. and I hate political rallies in general. Indoors I see them as fire hazards and it might rain OUTSIDE there so….

The convention starts at 10 AM, give or take, in the main hall at the Lansing Center and I am certain you will be hungry, if not working with other post-reception difficulties, so Senate President Pro Tempore Tonya Shuitmaker is hosting a pre-convention breakfast at the aforementioned Nuthouse at 7 AM. The breakfast ends at 9 AM. So get there early. I’m sure it will be worth it.

There is a competing breakfast event if you’re interested.

A Breakfast Reception sponsored by Michigan for Vaccine Choice
With Special Guests:
Joel Dorfman, JD – Chairman of the Board of MVC
Mike Shirkey – Senate Health Policy Chair
Tom Leonard – Speaker of the House
Tom Barrett – State Representative
Saturday, August 25th from 7:30am – 9:30am
MIGOP State Convention
Capital I and II in the Radisson Hotel
111 N Grand Ave, Lansing, MI 48933

This event is complimentary but you must register as space is limited.

There are other events throughout Lansing on Saturday after the convention and I know I’m going to enjoy my town. A lot of you should stay and enjoy and some of you are welcome to go home. Come on down. Enjoy Lansing. Thank your hosts and tip your waitresses and servers. And most importantly STAY SAFE. Use Uber, Lyft or one of our many cab services if you have to.