Watch two intelligent ever-so-briefly duel over the issue of whether the United States government, essentially the State, should pay reparations for slavery. Mr Coates admits to never having read Mr Shelby’s book on the matter but claims familiarity with his arguments.

I swear we bend the knee to Ta-Nehisi Coates so often not because he is brilliant or because he writes so well but because his give name is Ta-Nehisi. We’re so easily hypnotized by novelty.

The State cannot square the sin of chattel slavery. It happened and it was abominable to an unspeakable degree. All slave reparations would do is set the stage, create precedent for new relationships between the State and the citizenry based on race and ethnicity. On the other hand the topic of redlining fascinates me and since the State, the federal government, did directly intervene in how black Americans are controlled economically, and not to the benefit of black Americans, then a relationship of a sort has been formed and it ought to be changed before eliminated. That is to say I like the tidea of reperations for redlining despite having no real clue as to to institute it as policy.