Looking at the non-kayfabe bio of the classic WWF superstar Kamala the Ugandan Giant I noticed his actual last name is Harris, the same name as the United States Senator that just dropped out of the Democratic Presidential Primary.  Her first name really is Kamala. His first name is really James.

Andrea Kellaway/"Kamala Speaks'' autobiography
Andrea Kellaway/”Kamala Speaks” autobiography

When composing nicknames for the Presidential candidates it seemed like a no-brainer to refer to her as the Ugandan Giant; I believed too few would understand the reference. Some ignoramuses might (incorrectly) see racism rather than recognize the play on her name. More practically I wondered if I should work the nicknames into the tags system instead of using the candidates’ actual names; I thought about explaining the gag as the tag, “Elizabeth Warren is Fauxcahontas”, for example. Splitting the difference by using all the three tags would kill the joke, for whatever the joke was ever worth.