Sometimes I really feel that the best way to get the Current President reelected is to let the most hateful spiteful Democrats do the hard work and then boost the signal of the nastiest of them to the moderates and fence-sitters.

I say this in all seriousness. Noah Stephens is the guy behind People of Detroit and his sentiment on the Current President is absolutely clear.

Now my angle on the Republican at the top of the ticket every election cycle is consistent: regardless of the office or the candidate I need him or her to elect my local Republicans down-ballot. That’s the long and short of it. He is not paying me nor does he know my name; we’re not friends or buddies and he will never compensate me for my efforts in a righteous crusade against Democrats. I work to better my community and not just because a better community is better for my self interest.

Republicans face an uphill battle to convince people that the Current President’s stewardship would be a better choice than the Generic Democrat. The more bile-filled Democrats make it easier if their signals are boosted to be seen as the voice, the most common sentiment of Democrats.

The best way to get him reelected is to convince the normal voter that the Democrats don’t see him as a man worthy of living. With proper nudging the Democrats will be knocked off message from proving that Donald Trump is a bad President and that Joe Biden can do better to defending the notion that Trump must die. How many Democrats could be forced to defend their hatred of Trump and how many Democrats would be forced to denounce hatred? It’s almost a shame that the “People of Detroit” guy is not a more prominent public figure.

The public expression of hatred towards a public figure, especially a political figures, is a far cry from a legitimate threat towards his or her person and any country nee civilization where one is both able and even encouraged to burn or otherwise destroy such a figure in effigy is one where some amount of freedom still exists.

It’s certainly a metric of freedom that one is able to condemn your so-called leader so openly, flagrantly, and theatrically without sociopolitical and legal repercussions falling on your head.

The worse the Democrats behave as a tribe or faction the less neutral I aim to behave. Don’t get me wrong though; if I am to only volunteer I will only volunteer locally for my friends and geographic cohort.