I received this email from the Crossroads Council yesterday regarding my state’s policies on large gatherings in the wake of the Wuhan Virus and their impact on local Scouting events.

Dear Scouting Leaders and Families:Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Director Robert Gordon recently issued an Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253 restricting gathering sizes and requiring face coverings in public spaces and other venues.  For your convenience we are summarizing the order here.
The Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253 provides for the following:
Requirements to wear masks at indoor and outdoor gatherings: The order requires individuals to wear masks when in gatherings, defined as any occurrence where persons from multiple households are present in a shared space in a group of two or more, and requires businesses and government offices to enforce those requirements for gatherings on their premises.
Limitations on the size of gatherings: The order reinstates limitations on gathering sizes that mirror the requirements that Governor Whitmer had previously put in place. These include indoor gatherings of more than 10 and up to 500 people occurring at a non-residential venue are permitted within the following limits:In venues with fixed seating, limit attendance to 20% of normal capacity. However, gatherings up to 25% of normal capacity are permitted in Michigan Economic Recovery Council Region 6.In venues without fixed seating, limit attendance to 20 persons per 1,000 square feet in each occupied room. However, gatherings of up to 25 persons per 1,000 square feet are permitted in Michigan Economic Recovery Council Region 6.Non-residential outdoor gatherings of between 100 and 1,000 persons at venues with fixed seating are permitted at up to 30% of normal capacity and at 30 persons per 1,000 square feet at venues without fixed seating.Organizers and venues hosting gatherings permitted under subsection (c) of this section must ensure that persons not part of the same household maintain six feet of distance from one another, including by designing the gathering to encourage and maintain social distancing.Pursuant to MCL 333.2235(1), local health departments are authorized to carry out and enforce the terms of this order.The Emergency Order was effective immediately.  Emergency and Executive Orders are subject to change.  In addition, various local and county health departments have issued local orders. Please remember to check local requirements prior to every in-person Scouting event.
As safety is a priority, in accordance with the Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253, the Michigan Crossroads Council is issuing the following guidelines with respect to:
UNIT ACTIVITIES, MEETINGS AND EVENTSUnits are required to follow the Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253 with Chartered Partner approval.Michigan ReStarting Scouting guidelines and requirements remain in effect. Units are encouraged to follow all CDC guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing.Masks and/or approved face coverings (such as face shields) are required for all indoor and outdoor events.Social distancing guidelines must be followed for all indoor and outdoor events, meetings and activities.If you have questions, please contact your District Executive.
Thank you for participating in Scouting and ensuring that we keep our Scouts, leaders and families during these times.
Brad ArbuckleCouncil PresidentKevin WillCouncil CommissionerDonald ShepardScout Executive / CEO
For the complete Emergency Order MCL 333.2253 click below.