I’ve been a Republican campaign volunteer and staff for my entire adult life. Waiting for the nation to get better simply isn’t in my DNA, and the Republican Party has consistently represented the values I hold dear. I’m proud today to be Chairman Emeritus of the Michigan Young Republicans and a member of the Eaton County Republican Party. I’m also proud to vote for Donald Trump for a second term as President of the United States of America.

Trump first became known to me in 1998 for abusing eminent domain while attempting to steal an old woman’s house. In 2020, Trump is known to me as a bulwark, defending this country from a movement that has no interest in the well-being of free people. There has never been any reason in the intervening years to believe that he would become a better person. Four years ago, there was every reason to believe that as President he would give Democrats exactly what they wanted.

Once he was elected, it became clear that Trump was going to stand up to Democrats. Even though he’s a classically transactional politician and businessman, Democrats chose to oppose everything he did — even when he opposed free trade and exited wars, formerly two of their favorite activities. Ronald Reagan horse-traded with Tip O’Neill and the Congressional Democrats during the 1980s; this made the country better off. Donald Trump traded with the Republicans so that he could appoint good judges, cut taxes, and lessen the regulatory chokehold on our economy. 

In that time, the Democrats shifted further away from the interests and needs of the common man while Trump came through for our country in ways that pleasantly surprised me. Despite being petty and jealous, he works with people who hold his worst instincts in check so he can work on our behalf. This election isn’t about whether he’s a good man but about that work – protecting American values and interests. I’m not voting for Donald Trump because I’m a Republican; I didn’t vote for him in 2016. I’m voting for Donald Trump to stop Joe Biden because only one of the two believes America is a good country.

Since announcing his candidacy for President, Biden hasn’t looked at what’s best for America. Instead, he’s continued his 50-year record of doing whatever is politically convenient. Biden opposed the Hyde Amendment until he didn’t; now he wants you to pay for abortions until the day a baby is born. He used to be tough on crime; now he says America is systemically racist because of the policies that he helped enact.

Today, while Trump wants to better America, Biden has kowtowed to the radicals in his party. As playwright Tom Klingenstein points out, “the Democratic Party has been taken over by its radical wing” — Biden claims he is a check on the excesses of his party but he is a blank check for his party.  They want riots during a pandemic, but not church services. Your children cannot attend school but politicians can attend a funeral. Biden claims to be able to fix a tumultuous world and take us back to a place of normalcy, yet he’ll actually smuggle the forces of chaos into the most powerful house in the world, rescinding individual freedom and America’s values of race-blind equality of opportunity. 

Donald Trump recognizes that America is a force for good, and he has appointed guardians of our shared values to protect all the rights of all Americans. Joe Biden’s message hides a radical movement that wants to move from cancel culture to Cancel America. That makes this an easy choice, regardless of your party.

Christopher J. Arndt is a political consultant, beekeeper and as of November this year an elected trustee of Oneida Township. This was originally written as an intended OpEd piece.