Now this Onion article does describe perfectly well how Republicans view Democrats. I actually have seen real Democrats says this stuff. Now is it all tied together like this in every Democrat’s head?

Amid mounting scrutiny over scandals involving last September’s attack
on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, the IRS’ alleged targeting of
conservative groups, and the Department of Justice’s spying on the
Associated Press, Obama supporter Jake Maynard reportedly devised a
perfectly implausible explanation Thursday that frees the president from
any blame. “Look, he’s the President of the United States of America;
how could he possibly be involved in or aware of every single high-level
action taken by the prominent government agencies he oversees?” said
Maynard, noticeably perspiring as he explained the completely illogical
reason why the President of the United States will emerge from this
week’s scandals unscathed. “Let’s watch this thing play out. I have no
doubt that in a week, more than enough evidence will come out showing he
had nothing to do with any of this. You’ll see.” Maynard, whose voice
quavered several times during his asinine explanation, ended his
perfectly invalid defense of the president by stressing that this was
all politics and that “none of this would even be happening if the
president were someone other than Obama.”

I have heard some leftists say that Benghazi simply has no legs, question what “the big deal is” and then near the end tell me about fake e-mails that Republicans created and that Chris Stevens deliberately requested no security. None of this helps me know what is going on.